Impeccable Clothes
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Why Women Love Fawad Khan

With leading roles in major Bollywood Films and TV Soap Dramas, Pakistani actor Fawad Khan has won the attention and gained immense popularity among the ladies. Here’s what makes him such a heartthrob –

Impeccable Clothes

Impeccable Clothes

Whether its film promotions, screenings, award functions or his films and TV work – Fawad Khan is always impeccably dressed. From bandhgalas to tuxedos, sharp suits, checked waistcoats, denim shirts, bomber jackets or just a tee – he gets it right every time. He can even carry off pink chinos with such élan – he’s a shining example of how men need to dress to impress!

Perfect Little Details

Perfect Little Details

Perfection is getting the tiniest details right. From polished accessories to the right shoes – Fawad Khan sure knows how to carry himself. Sneakers, loafers or closed evening shoes, he matches them to his day and night wardrobes and these greatly complement his casual and traditional looks to the T. He’s also fond of accessories and usually completes his ensembles with classy watches, nerdy glasses, cool shades and silk handkerchiefs neatly tucked into pocket squares of his suits. The man purse is in vogue and he’s been spotted carrying one to his travels – a great way to stay stylish & organized.

Charismatic Screen Presence

Charismatic Fawad Khan

An aristocratic prince, a brother, perfect son, a lover, friend, or someone juts caught in the family drama – Fawad can slip into the story’s character with great ease. He has charismatic screen presence, a brooding intellectual air, deep voice along with his passionately delivered lines that make him a joy to watch on screen.

Groomed to Perfection


Apart from being well-dressed, he’s always well-groomed and is found clean shaven or sporting stubble, both styles that suit him immensely. He’s also fitness conscious without going over the top, while most leading men today have bulging biceps, he’s comfortable in his lean muscular frame that exudes agility & strength.

Charitable Work


Fawad Khan is known for his charitable work and humanitarian causes. He’s actively involved in uplifting people from his home country Pakistan and also donates his earnings to better the lives of the people there. He is also involved in renewable & green initiatives to better the planet.

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