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Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day?

A Father usually plays the role of a silent hero in our lives. Father’s are never appreciated as much as we appreciate mothers maybe because we get to be with our mother most of the time while the father is at a job, earning a wage.

Mother’s Day is celebrated with much pomp and show in India and with social media, you can hardly find a person who doesn’t give a gift to his or her mother and click a selfie with her. Our question is, why don’t we do the same for a father? After all, Father’s Day has been celebrated since 1908 and yet it has not led to even half of the excitement people have for the Mother’s Day.

If you are thinking about celebrating father’s day this time around, we would like to remind you that you are not doing it for showing it off. You are doing it to thank your father for:


Providing For You

In most of the households, fathers have the responsibility to earning a living while women maintain a household. Even if the mother and father earn equally, your dad probably tasks most of the financial risks like planning investment, obtaining loans for your education, etc. So, when you celebrate this special day, don’t be stingy about getting him an expensive gift.



Protecting You

Most dads are the champion of kids. When you make a mistake and your mum is scolding you, you seek the protection offered by a father. Similarly, when the neighbourhood kids fight with you or you make a mistake, you expect your father to set it right. And he will before giving you an earful if it was your mistake. He will never blame you or insult your weaknesses in front of others.



Making You Independent

When you organise a father’s day celebration, make sure you thank him for making you independent by acting as your guide when you wanted to pursue higher education or sharing valuable tips on how to win hearts in your first job. Your dad is also excellent at doing DIY stuff and he teaches you that as well. Do thank him for that too as little things go a long way towards making you independent.



Always Being There

While seeking celebration ideas for Father’s day you should probably consider preparing a little speech for him wherein you thank him for everything he did for you, be it helping you learn football or helping you with your maths problems. Also, remember to thank him for being just who is, your own superhero!



All Those Adventure Trips

In case you have decided to celebrate father’s day, you should buy some sports gear for your father as a gift because it will remind you and him of all the adventure trips you had together, whether it was a camping trip or your summer camp. Dads do encourage you to follow your passion while seeing as much of the world as you can do.