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Top 5 Breakfast Hacks for 9-5 Men

Breakfast, as you may have heard, is the most essential meal of the day. A rich breakfast equates to better appetite control, fuelling you up for a whole day long routine even if you skip your lunch. For every working man, eating a well-rounded morning meal keeps their energy level steady and mood calm. The healthy breakfast helps them to utilize their brain better keeping them focused towards their work. So, for men their work progress is somewhere related to having a healthy breakfast.


Here we are talking about some breakfast hacks for busy office going guys so that even in hurry they can have a proper morning meal.


1.  Freeze All Your Smoothie Ingredients in a Ziploc Bag So It is Ready to Make in The Morning


If smoothie is your favourite morning breakfast, the best thing to prepare it is to cut all your smoothie fruits at night and keep them in a plastic bag to freeze for all throughout the night. The next morning you just need to take out the fruit from the bag and blend them by adding some nuts and milk. The clever tip will save your time and give the opportunity to have a nutritious breakfast.

2. Refrigerate Hard Boiled Eggs to Have a Healthy Breakfast


You should try to include a protein-rich diet for your breakfast. In this context, what could be better than boiled eggs? Since you are in hurry getting dressed up during morning, boiling the eggs can take time. So, during weekends, prepare “hard-boiled” eggs in bulk. These eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week. Both peeled and un-peeled are safe to eat for a week.

3. Make Egg Muffins in Advance and Freeze Them


Along with bread you always wish to have an egg dish. Since you have a limited time in the morning, it will be better to prepare some egg muffins in advance and freeze them. These muffins can be microwaved in the morning time to eat along with the bread. After heating, the same flavour and tenderness comes back to the egg muffin.

4. Scrambled eggs in the Microwave

Like egg muffins, scrambled eggs are another very quick and healthy option to add to your breakfast. The cooking time is just 1 minute. The microwave cooked scrambled eggs taste the same as the saucepan prepared scrambled eggs. Use your coffee mug to prepare the dish. If you want to give a little bit twist to the taste, add some shredded cheese or herbs.

5. Paneer/Chicken Sandwich


The dish can be prepared to serve in just 15 minutes. From your busy morning schedule, you can take out 15 minutes to treat yourself with this tasty, hunger-free and healthy dish. Paneer/Chicken is a good source of carbohydrates and protein; it is good to include the dairy product or proteins in your first meal of the day. The straightforward recipe can be easily prepared by any men. It wouldn’t take much time and effort like the usual sandwiches.

So, let try out these nutritious dishes for your breakfast. They will make you not only energetic but also punctual to your office.