Top 5 Biggest Underdog Upsets in Football History

There are many amazing football underdog stories that have made a greater impact in the world of football. Some people remember these stories as a source of inspiration and a great luck while some consider it a misfortune for those who have a greater chance to win. While talking about games, it is often hard to tell which team will win. You cannot say that a particular team will win because it has excellent history and a powerful team. Sometimes, an underdog team, whom you think will lose, wins the game. In the history of football, many unpredictable victories have noticed so far where underdog teams had performed so well. They have left the world surprised.

Sunderland 1973-FA Cup

This is one of the most interesting football cups in the history of FA-Cup. In 1973, Sunderland team was struggling to get to the top half of the English division and finished the 6th between Blackpool and Bristol. The team spirit was high and it managed to reach the final of the FA Cup to play against the champion team, Leeds United.
Leeds Utd was one of the toughest competitors in English sides in 1970 which managed to rank as a top 3 team in the first 4 years of the decade. Unfortunately, the Leeds Utd was defeated by Sunderland. The winning credit goes to especially Jimmy Montgomery (goalkeeper) and Lan Porterfield.

Steaua Bucharest 1986- European Cup

You may not have remembered the team but for the Romanians, it is a legendary football club that won the first European Cup. The Steaua team was playing opposite to Barcelona in the final where its goalkeeper named Helmuth Duckadam managed to deflect all the 4 Barcelona’s penalty shots and at the end, the score was 0-0. Since the game was organized in Seville, he was nicknamed as ‘the Hero of Seville’.

Denmark- Euro 1992

This is one of the most amazing underdog football championship story. Here Denmark was disqualified for the Euro but it got the chance because of disqualification of Yugoslavia, a country that was struggling with a civil war. In Sweden, Denmark defeated the champion team of Germany by 2-0 and won the Euro title.

Greece- Euro 2004

This is the year when the Euro was hosted in Portugal and the team of the country was confident to win their first Euro title. At that time Portugal football team had many expert players like Nuno Gomes and Rui Costa. The environment in the country was so positive about the game but the thing turned opposite and unpredictable. It was the pesky Greek team who won the title. The boring Greek team defeated the Portugal team twice. Nobody, even the Greek players themselves had not thought about this.
Uruguay Vs. Brazil (1950)

In 1950, the World Cup was all set to be organised in the football lovers’ city, Brazil. Players of the Brazil team were highly motivated to win the game. People of the place were excited. Brazil had beaten Spain and Sweden, so the victory was widely expected. But in the final with Uruguay team, Brazil failed to make out. In the second half of the game, Uruguay team performed so well and won the game by 2-1.