Fashion Guide

The Secret to a Spring Suit

As summers have knocked on our doors (rather hard), it’s time to pack up the woolen suits and pick lighter fabrics. Why? It’s because suits make you look smart, sensible and sophisticated without even trying much. If you are pondering the option of trying a spring suit then here are a few suggestions that would make you look dapper than ever before.


Color It Up

The first thing to remember is that spring is all about happy colors and cheerful smiles. So, you should let go of the old black and white suits now and add some color to your life. You can do that by buying a suit or blazer in khaki or cherry colors. If you still want the old black and white combo, make a statement by trying a Palm Tree Print Summer Blazer from


Lighter Sunglasses

Another thing that will make you look super cool is the use of lighter sunglasses that don’t (I repeat, DON’T) have black rims. Lighter sunglasses will make you look and feel friendlier as well as approachable from a stranger’s standpoint. A bonus, you won’t look like a cop or worse, a security detail!


A Neon Shirt

If you have the guts and the ability to pull off something more frenzied, then we suggest that you copy your style from Jay-Z and Harry Styles who recently alerted the fashion police by opting for neon-bright tailoring. In case you can’t copy their style or don’t want to offend the music gods, you can still try to add some bold colored shirts to your spring suits and be different than the crowd.


Or an Old School One

In case the idea of neon or bold colors make you want to hide in the cupboards then we suggest you go for simple or old school shirts like solid white or blue or a classic striped one. Regarding material, you can either opt for cotton or linen as they are both extremely comfortable and breathable and will help you avoid excessive sweating.


A Subtle Watch

You can also add a subtle metal watch because it looks great with light colored suits and even compliments the bright shirts. They are classic because they shine whenever sunlight falls on it and makes you stand apart from the crowd. If you don’t like metal bands much, add a leather band to a metal watch and set your style.


A Casual Belt

A casual belt never looks bad no matter whether you are partying with your friends in jeans or tees or you are wearing a spring suit. Remember to pick the size according to your built. Lean men look sexy in thin belts while slightly broader men look great if their belts are a little thicker. You can also go for braided or woven belts if you have a yen to try something new.


Knock the Socks Off

Last but not the least, you can knock the socks off by pulling on colorful socks that make things interesting. Ensures no one gets a full look at it, just a peek now and then is enough. Also, complement the socks with matte brown shoes that aren’t glossy to look great from top to bottom.
What do you do prefer to make a spring suit rock? Share by commenting below and let’s test your fashion sense!