Fashion Guide

Summers Call for the Best Evergreen Polo Fashion for Men

We are all set to embrace 2018 summer. What’s your plan to look different in this hot season? Are you ready to revamp your wardrobe from boring style t-shirts with stylish polo shirts? No wonder, polo shirts are an evergreen men’s fashion wear. Men love to wear these tees on different occasions to look effortlessly dapper. The internet already provides various do’s and don’ts on the attire. So, we are not going to discuss those. Our aim is to break the styling rules set for Polo shirts and create a new trend to get a new look. So, let’s get started.

Polo Shirts with Embroidered Espadrilles

It is advised to wear a pair of sober white, black or brown shoes with Polo shirts. But today’s youth are ready to experiment with something different. So, you can try an embroidered espadrille with it. Different geometric intricate patterns on the shoe can give a quirky look when you team them up the pair with a white, blue, red or black polo. This casual style is perfect for a summer beach party or a pool party, just add a pair of beach shorts.

Layer the Shirt with Casual Blazers

Fashion experts feel that your polo is enough to get a smarter and handsome look. You don’t need to add layers. Break the rule and get ready to layer the shirt with a casual style blazer. Keep the polo shirt collar out from the blazer. Pull on the sleeves of your blazer. This could be a stylish summer wear which will make you ready for a dinner date. Blazers like checked and solid colors can look cool with polo. Choose a contrast combination like a white shirt and a checked blue blazer, a black polo and a white blazer etc.

Polo Shirts along with Sweatpants

Are you going to a gym, evening or morning walk? Aren’t you bored wearing only active wears for these activities? Try something different. A loose-fitting polo shirt and a pair of sweatpants can be tried. Along with this dress carry a small towel to wipe your sweating. The color combination can be varied like black sweatpants and a striped polo shirt. Don’t tuck your shirt. Wear the sweatpants below the navel. Don’t make it too tight or too lose.

Tribal Print Polo Shirts

This 2018 summer you can try printed polo shirts. A large majority of men believe that these shirts should be only plain. You can get out the monotonous look by selecting printed polo shirts for yourself. Tribal print carries geometrical, vertical, horizontal and floral motifs. Men’s fashion brands are now offering printed polo shirts at the same price that plain polo shirts have. You can give a try to the new pattern shirt. Wear it along with chinos, jeans and shorts. The get-up looks so trendy when you wear accessories like a hat, a stylish loafer and goggles.
Don’t just sit and see others breaking the fashion rules and setting a new one. You can also do the same. For this, you will have to be a little bit innovative and creative. Go bold and brave. Take risks, you never know you could be the next big thing.