Celeb Style

Style It Like Celebrities for the Derby Fashion This Summer

Derby fashion week is just around the corner, and we are sure you if you are a fashion lover like us, are eagerly waiting for it.

But before you see all those magnificent color and style ideas and decide to overhaul your wardrobe, let us tell you about a few fashion trends you can easily follow to look like celebrities for the Derby Fashion this summer.

The Key

A key thing to remember when you are preparing for Derby Fashion is that as a man, you can enjoy an unparalleled color palette and be as decked out as women. We recommend you go for sun-drenched tropical colors in busy plaid or bold stripes. You can also pick bright pastels to get all the eyes on you. In case you like simplicity more than attention, you should add a classic navy or seersucker blazer to your look.

Style It with Shirts

Got that? Now, let’s move on to what exactly you should wear to look like the celebs you admire the most. The first step is to go for a striped shirt or a fun gingham shirt. To make it more appealing, you can pick a monogrammed shirt and leave an impression on every eye that sees it!

Perfect Pants

As pants can also help you get the attention you need, we recommend that you go for sun-drenched pants in vivacious colors like the ocean, citron, key lime and Bermuda pink.

Head Turning Jackets

If you really want to be the center of attention or make the heads turn, you should go for a chalk stripe jacket that will make sure all the eyes land on you. You can also go for a 3- button side vent as it will give you a more polished look. In contrast, if you like to keep it simple, the classic, simple navy-blue blazer we mentioned earlier is more than enough.

Tie or Bow

In case you wish to look like a perfect gentleman, you should go for a necktie that complements your look. If you are looking for something more appealing and unique, you can also go for a bow. Get an honest opinion on whether it suits you and make sure you don’t feel suffocated due to it.

Sockless Shoes

Sockless shoes are the new vogue, and you better note it down somewhere. Talking about the shoes themselves, you can go for lovable loafers because they are extremely comfortable and can be quite stylish too.

A Harmless Hat

Complete the Derby look by adding a hat to your wardrobe. It should have a solid color and must be inspired from the 1920s style, because hey, we all need something that helps us relate to the golden era, don’t you think?
Our last bit of advice for you is that no matter what sort of clothes you pick, you should always make sure that you don’t feel overdressed or awkward in them.

When you like what you are wearing, and you are comfortable in your skin, you will look like a perfect gentleman!