Speed dating tips for men

If you’re single and willing to mingle, then Valentine’s Day could be a good opportunity for speed dating. It’s a kind of dating where individuals get to have short conversations with a series of potential partners before moving over to the next person. Usually, a group of men and women interact with each other individually for a few minutes in rotation before moving over to the next. Speed dating isn’t for everyone, but if you want to give it a try, you must keep in mind that it’s more difficult than a normal date. If you don’t bring your A-game, you’ll never make it.

Here are some tips if you want to dip your feet into the speed dating pool this season…


Don’t do it back to back


Women usually go for speed dating along with their friends. So if you line up your dates over three days, you may end up with three friends over three days. That would be a disaster, especially if all of the three friends are not interested in you.


Assess your performance


Instead of jumping from one speed dating session to another, take some time to assess your last few dates. What worked? What didn’t work? Which girls stood out and what made them so? By evaluating your performance, you can make up for what went wrong the first time and make it better the next time.


Don’t be hung up over a date


If she didn’t call you, it’s because she isn’t interested. Do not attempt to track her or stalk her or lurk around her workplace. Move on, and polish yourself for the next date.


Be confident


Don’t just awkwardly move over to the next table when you’re told your time is up. Smile, make eye contact, and say goodbye properly before moving over. You’ll appear more confident that way.


Don’t be pushy


Don’t ask personal questions, or ask to share contact details. In doing that, you’ll come across as pushy and creepy, and it’ll just turn your date off. Remember that if you’re charming enough and women are interested in you, they’ll share contact details on their own, without you having to creep up on them.


Don’t highlight your weaknesses


Remember you are supposed to appear confident, therefore talking about your weaknesses on a first date isn’t the wisest thing to do. Instead, try to elaborate on your achievements and strengths, rather than talking about how you lost your job, or about ex-girlfriends or bad breakups.


Be different


The women you’ll meet will invariably be asked the same questions about where they come from and what they do for a living. If you want to make an impression, ask something different. Ask about their dreams and hopes and childhood memories, and squeeze in something fun like: ‘what superpower would you most like to have?’


Dress up


Women make an effort to look good when going for a date. The least a man can do is put on some clean clothes and spray some nice fragrance. Also look at your shoes be for stepping out. If you have scruffy, unpolished shoes on, then you’re already a failure.