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Six easy ways to prevent razor bumps

Shaving is a daily ritual for most men. But while all men do it regularly, they lack the perfection and finesse thus resulting in cuts, burns, and razor bumps. When you shave hurriedly, you leave hair strands that curl and grow back into the skin, while cuts make way for infections and bacteria to invade the skin and cause acne and dark spots. All of that is bad news for your skin.

With a hectic schedule, taking care of your skin often becomes secondary. Don’t worry. These easy and quick remedies will help prevent razor bumps and soothe the skin.


Aloe vera


The pulp of this plant is known for its antibacterial properties the reason why it’s used in several skincare products. Using aloe vera gel (extracted naturally or bought from stores) on your face after every shave will soothe your skin, prevent infections, and heal razor bumps fast. Plus, it also makes your skin soft and glowing.


Apple cider vinegar


Another anti inflammatory product, apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial to irritated skin. Just dab some of it on your face after a shave with a cotton ball and leave it on for ten minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. It will not only make your skin soft but also heal all razor bumps and rashes.




Yes, aspirin is helpful in treating razor burns since it controls swelling and aids in preventing infections. Just make a paste of four or five aspirin tablets and apply it on the bumps, washing it off after ten minutes. Aspirin helps heal the razor bumps and makes the skin free from irritation.


Electric razor


Old fashioned razors cause more nicks, cuts, and bumps than their electric counterparts. Replacing your old razors with electric ones or trimmers will ensure a smoother, safer shave, eventually reducing the incidence of razor bumps.


Give breaks


The best thing to do is shave every alternate day if possible. This lets your skin rest after every shave and reduces the chances of irritation and rashes. While this may not be possible for men who must shave every day, a feasible shaving regime must be maintained in order to keep your facial skin healthy.


Prep your skin


Before every shave, it is essential to prepare your skin. Taking a hot shower or washing your face with warm water before a shave help open up the pores of your skin, resulting in a smoother, safer shave without any nicks, cuts, or bumps.