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Shirts That Deserve Wardrobe Space This Summer

As the summer approaches, we all start worrying about revamping our wardrobe so that we have a reliable collection of clothes to beat the heat. While women have innumerable ways to style themselves, men simply need to stock up on the right kind of shirts, as they go about their professional and personal social engagements during summer.

Your shirt reflects your mood, attitude and personality. Having suitable shirts for various different occasions is a man’s trick to look fashionable while staying comfortable. Here’s a list of some must-haves for every men’s wardrobe this summer. Own these and never again, feel at a loss when it comes to dressing up.


Linen Checks

Crisp, elegant and rich- these are the characteristic that make linen such a sought-after fabric for formal dressing. It is hot in the international fashion circuit and considering checks are very much in vogue, checkered linen shirts are big time in. Sweat absorbent, airy, comfortable and cool are all the traits that make it most apt for summer season. Despite of all the fluff and hype, linen shirts are easy on pocket too.



Band Collar shirts

Band Collar or bund- galla shirts have a modern as well as traditional appeal about them. Sans- tie, they are a nice break from the regular serious appearance of the turn-down collar shirt. These are as simple to dress-down in, as it is easy to dress-up in them. The usual button-down shirt looks formal while the band collar puts the wearer at ease, making them a great fusion between formal and casual attire.



Dim & Understated Colours

The colours that seem to be doing the rounds this summer, all belong to the subtle and pastel family. Beige, grey, emerald green, sky-blue, lemon and other subdued colours are a welcome change from brighter hues such as red, Fushia, Green atc., that we see so often during winter. These dim colours appear to make the summer heat more bearable.



Color Block Shirts

Color block shirts are currently the talk of the town this summer and everyone seems to be flaunting their vivid colours. They make up for wonderful casual attire. The colours that you carry say a lot about you. Color block shirts portray your daring and bold attitude. Find coordinates such as Black and white, Black and grey, grey and white for a more sober look.



Floral Print Shirts

Floral prints are not womens’ legacy alone. Now men are also experimenting with these prints set in the most vivid combinations for the sweltering heat of summer. Floral prints highlight the ‘softer’ side in every man and have a ‘let-your-hair-down’ appeal. They look great with denim jeans and are almost always hung out.


So, with these fashion ideas, upgrade your wardrobe in such a way that these few become your variety. Combine them smartly and differently each time with denims, trousers or shorts to create an illusion of having a varied wardrobe.


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