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Men’s Fashion- Espadrilles in Vogue

Men’s fashion statement has undeniably undergone the major transformation in the past decade or so and one can easily witness the stark changes in how seriously men take their style today. And as is popularly believed, almost the first thing you notice in someone are the shoes, which defines an individual’s personality to a great extent. Thus, speaking of the modern choices in men’s fashion, particularly shoes, we cannot help but speak about the trending espadrilles in vogue currently.

These lightweight, easy- breezy, casual shoes called Espadrilles, have actually changed the game for men’s footwear completely. Raising up the style quotient immensely so much so that if you don’t own a good pair or two, well, you need to buck up your fashion game. Once labelled and put down as the shoe made for commoners, espadrilles have remarkably enhanced their look to becoming one of the hot favourites in every man’s wardrobe. From denim espadrilles for men to faux leather and printed canvas varieties among others, these slip-on shoes can do wonders for that casual yet chic look.

Interestingly, not many are aware of the fact that these buoyant cotton/ canvas made shoes with braided jute edges & a soft sole have actually been around long since the 14th century. Also, these have been among the choicest options for legendary figures such as Pablo Picasso, having found relatively modern adepts in the likes of John F. Kennedy.

Now, here’s an easy manual for all the fashion-conscious men out there to figure out different ways to sport this rocking look.


1.Summer Day Family Picnic

Simple yet elegant varieties such as the suede penny or the casual espadrilles with contrast stitching can be good choices as they will leave you unrestrained for those exciting games but would have you looking more like a grown-up boy. Thus, you gel well with the youngsters and the elderly lot alike.



2.Casual Date

The much-in-vogue Mini Printed Canvas Espadrilles are the ideal way to go about when on a casual date with your girl. Where it acts as a refreshing change from the formal leather look, it also saves you from looking too casual in denims and gives an impression that you take time with her as special with a minimal effort still.



3.Outing with Friends

For a relaxed time with friends, denim tag espadrilles in different shades of blues and blacks are the best fit. They will easily enhance your fashion quotient while maintaining a low profile and should go with nearly any outfit.



4.Informal Fridays

Textured faux leather espadrilles are a great pick for that informal yet smart office look on a Friday. They will go perfectly well with a jeans, jacket and tee look and strike the right balance between the office and holiday mood.



5.Weekend Getaway

When on a holiday spree, you can play with the different types as per your mood at the moment. For instance, one may go for stretchable faux leather ones to solid beach mesh, casual suede, printed canvas, washed denim or even a solid/ print slip on, depending on the type of place and activities involved during the travel or the sort of group one is accompanying.



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