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How to stay healthy in summer

With summer at its peak, people are faced with the same question like every year: how to stay healthy while going about daily life in the heat. Summer is hot and uncomfortable, but we cannot let our daily lives go for a toss because of the weather. Summer is also the time when we are more prone to dehydration and illnesses, so it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Staying healthy in summer isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. The following simple tips should help you get started and let you remain fit and healthy throughout summer and beyond…


Consume more fluids

The heat and sweat cause your body to lose water, so you need to replenish yourself all the time. Drink at least eight litres of water throughout the day, to hydrate yourself and flush out toxins from your system. Fresh fruit juice, buttermilk, and fresh coconut can also be consumed.



Take rest

Summer is notorious for causing fatigue, and the only way to beat it is by taking ample rest. Excessive sweating drains us of energy, so you must hydrate yourself and catch up on rest whenever you can. Get proper sleep at night, and if possible, take a quick nap in the afternoons.



Choose comfortable clothing

Lightweight fabrics and neutral colours should be the fashion code for summer. Stay away from dark colours and man-made fabrics like polyester or nylon. Linen and cotton are your best options during summer because they are natural, breathable, and more suited to skin. Wear white and light coloured clothing, since these colours keep you cool by reflecting back heat.



Watch what you eat

Your diet plays a big role in keeping you cool in summer. This is also the season when you’re more susceptible to digestive problems. When the mercury rises, cut down on your consumption of meat and spicy food, and include more leafy greens and fruits in your diet. Avoid junk food and aerated drinks, and exercise caution when eating at roadside eateries. Always refrigerate cooked food, and check for freshness before eating anything.



Take cover

When you’re out in the daytime, never forget to take protection against the sun. Carry water with you, cover your head and face, wear long-sleeved clothing, use an umbrella, and remember to put on sunscreen. Taking these precautions will protect you from heat stroke, dehydration, and rashes and burns.



Stay away from smoke and alcohol

Although this is easier said than done, being able to stay away from smoke and alcohol in summer will do you the world of good. Both of these aid in increasing body temperature, and cutting down on them will keep you cooler in the heat.


Summer can be cruel, but it is also the time for vacations and fun. So follow these tips to stay healthy and make the most of this season!



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