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How to nail smart-casual trainers

People don’t usually think of trainers when they think of smart-casual wear. But in this age of fashion diversification, trainers aren’t far behind in catching up with the changing scene. Not all trainers are suitable for smart-casual wear. There are pairs that you should wear only with your jeans and cargos, and pairs that you can wear to the office. Trainers have slowly made their way into men’s casual and formal wear, but you must make sure they are smart trainers and not the ones you wear to the basketball court.

First, we must get clear on what smart-casual implies, because if you don’t know what smart-casual is, you’ll either end up dressing too formal or too casual. Smart-casual treads the fine line between formal and casual, and is the new dress code at a lot of places, from work to weddings. Smart casual dressing is actually simple enough– it’s about merging smart and casual together. It can be more casual than smart, or vice versa.

Unlike what many people think, smart-casual is simple to wear and needs no elaborate combinations. To jazz up your look, you can play around with your trainers to make them go with your outfit.

Smart trainers

There’s no separate type of shoes called smart trainers. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Usually, white or black trainers are the ones that come to mind when you need a pair of trainers to team with your more formal outfits. White trainers are commonplace, and almost everyone seems to have one. To stand out from the rest, pick a clean and simple white pair in a high-quality material like suede or leather. Keeping your shoes classy and elegant instead of trendy will work for you in the long run.


Black trainers are easier to style since they resemble black formal shoes. They are also more versatile than white trainers and can be paired with a variety of outfits, even with a suit. A pair of leather trainers in black will let you wear them in place of your black formal shoes with different outfits.


Casual trainers

When you’re dressing smart-casual but leaning on the casual side of the spectrum, choosing a pair of casual trainers is a good thing. Whether you’re channelling the athleisure look or attending an occasion where you are free to wear something other than your formal shoes, casual trainers are a great choice. Just make sure that your shoes are in sync with the outfit and the occasion.



Things to remember when doing smart-casual trainers

When wearing smart-casual trainers, it is important to choose clean silhouettes and styles rather than ones that are busy or loud. Colours should ideally be neutral so they can be paired with every outfit. When doing smart-casual trainers, don’t be afraid to pair them with a suit.




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