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How to choose the right deodorant for your skin type

There was a time when you could walk into your neighborhood store and buy the deodorant with the most appealing smell. Too bad those times have changed and picking a deodorant for your skin type isn’t as easy anymore. Now you must figure out what is going to keep you fresh for the longest time without drying your skin while providing a pleasant fragrance. Oh, and you also should change your deodorant every six months or so otherwise you become immune to the ingredients.

No wonder, most people end up using the wrong kind of deo amid all the confusion.

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the right deo for different occasions and skin types:


For the office


At work, you need something that keeps you fresh and smelling nice without being too strong or overbearing. If you’re planning to use a perfume, make sure your deo has a light finish. You could consider buying a small canister that is easy to store in your desk or to carry in your bag so you can use it on the way to meetings or after-work drinks.


For the gym


When you’re into exercising, you’re going to need something that protects you against bad odour. The best kind of deo for the gym is the one that’s mild and pleasant while fighting the stink of sweat. Look for a deodorant that has a heat-activated formula. Deodorants with heat-activated formula release fragrance molecules corresponding to the amount of sweat produced. The more you sweat, the fragrance it releases. It can’t get any better than that when you’re working out.


For excessive sweating


Sweating excessively can be embarrassing and annoying. It not only leaves you stinky and itchy but also results in skin infections. To tame the leaky tap, you need something stronger. Try a deo with aluminum chloride that blocks the sweat glands and makes perspiration get reabsorbed into the body, keeping your skin free of stains or odour.


For sensitive skin


If your skin is sensitive then most deodorants will make your underarm burn, itch, or even break out in rashes. Many deodorants are also known to make skin dry and cause irritation. In such a case, you should choose something that’s formulated for sensitive skin, contains soothing ingredients, and is free from artificial fragrance and alcohol. It keeps your skin fresh and hydrated without any irritation.


For natural-heads


Most deodorants are made from artificial ingredients. If you’re a believer in all things natural, then look for a deo that is free from parables or sodium laureth sulfate. There are many deodorants on the market that are made from natural ingredients and are great for your skin.