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Gym Wear Guide for the Modern Man

For many men, going to the gym is a tedious affair. Making the drive, changing into gym wear, then pushing your body to lift the weights and run on the treadmill seems quite a chore. The right gym wear can bring a drastic change to this attitude. Yes, when you are dressed for the occasion, you feel more energised. A gym is now also a place to socialise, therefore everyone wants to look their best while working out. And for looking your best, you need the proper gym wear. Here are the essential pieces you need in order to look great and stay comfortable while working out.


 T-shirt-Zobello A tee is the most basic piece of clothing that you can own, and it is functional like nothing else. When you’re working out, a cotton t-shirt provides you with comfort by allowing your skin to breath and absorbing sweat. While choosing a T-shirt for use in the gym, make sure you get the right fit. A loose tee may be alright in most places, but workout calls for fitted clothes. Wearing ill-fitting clothes at the gym will not only make you look unattractive but also result in discomfort. Shop Tee

Tank Top

Tank top-Zobello If you’re aiming for a buff body and like to flaunt your achievement to the world, then a tank top may just be the thing for you. Tank tops are trendy and a preference for athletic guys. Tanks also come with cool logo and graphic, which can take your style quotient a notch higher. Tank tops are generally meant to be a little loose, but if you are on the leaner side, you can also wear fitted clothes tanks. Shop Tank Top

Track Pant

Track Pant The most comfortable bottom wear at the gym would be a pair of track pants. They are comfy, allow you to move your legs freely, come in different colours, and give you ample coverage. When buying a pair of tracks, make sure they are of a slim fit, not skinny. While working out, skinny pants will be uncomfortable since they don’t allow free leg movement. Buying a loose pair will also be unattractive and uncomfortable. The best thing is a slim fit that provides you with a nice shape while also keeping you comfortable during a workout.


Shorts A more comfortable option than track pants, shorts are men’s favourite gym wear during summer. Shorts need to be knee length; nothing longer or shorter. Please do not wear your boxer shorts to gym, and also keep those three quarter pants away. There are various types of knee length shorts available that are breathable and comfy. Your shorts should be of a comfortable fit- nothing too tight or too loose. Shop Shorts


Shoes-Zobello Here’s where most people go wrong. Please do not wear your regular sneakers to the gym. They are not meant to exercise in. Always buy training or running shoes to avoid injury and to keep your feet comfortable during exercise. Shop Shoes Gym Bag  Gym Bag You do not carry a messenger bag or a briefcase to the gym. Gym bags now look very trendy and come in stylish designs. They are large and spacious and can hold all your essentials easily- from clothes to shoes to towels. Shop Bag