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Fusion Fever- Best Indo-Western Fashion for 2k18

Who doesn’t want to dress differently, look stunning be the center of attraction and be the reason for raised eyebrows? Let’s admit, we all wish to do that. But it takes a bit of courage and confidence to carry off a different look. We don’t want to be made fun of, right? So we resort to the safer options: the routinely worn styles, the often repeated cuts and the age old fashion. In the name of trend we also often see, a majority of people wearing almost the same thing in a gathering.

The story for men is a notch tougher than women. While women still have a lot of scope for experimentation, men are often stuck with a suit or tuxedo for every formal occasion. Being in India is a bonus for men as far as men’s dressing is concerned as they have the choice to adorn ethnic wear on some religious ceremonies, cultural occasions and weddings. But again, it is limited to kurta pyjama.

How then, too dress differently? The answer is fusion dressing. Yes, by combining the Indian and western attire, you can create an array of styles and looks for yourself and also be assured to stand out in a crowd.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Indo-western styles for the year 2018.

1. Bandhgala with Dhoti Pants


The bandhgala, or the round collar originated in India, and is often seen on sherwanis that are worn with churidar. It has also been cleverly incorporated into western suits. The dhoti pants were created for ease of wearing. The humble Indian dhoti became a rage very soon. The latest fusion style is to wear dhoti pants with a bandhgala in a shorter length. This truly is a rocking style and you are sure to get more compliments than you can handle.

2. Dhoti Pants With A Tee

While the highlight of the above style is the bandhgala, this one is ruled by the dhoti pants. For you casual outings, picnics or travel, slip on your dhoti pants in lighter shades and fabrics such as linen and pair them with a well-fitted and short t-shirt. Avoid wearing a plain Tee or polo. I bet, you will be the talk of the town and turn other men green with envy.

3. The Jodhpuri Pants


Jodhpuri pants also known as Jodhpurs were traditionally worn by royals while horse riding in the royal state of Rajasthan. These are rather loose from the thigh area and are close fitting below the knees. They look stunning when paired with a formal shirt and vest or even a jacket and are the best examples of fusion wear. Immensely popular in 2017, they are sure to take the fashion world by storm in 2018.

4. Embroidered Suit


This is the perfect example of East meets West. Without being too experimental, you can stick to the good old dress suit and highlight the lapel or breast with embroidery inspired by Indian motifs.

So, dare to be different and rock the fashion scene in 2k18!!