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Food to avoid for a healthy summer

When the temperature starts to rise, it’s time for digestive problems and various other illnesses, thanks to the heat and humidity. While summers can be fun– vacations to cooler climes, minimal clothing, and seasonal fruits– the humid heat can soon make life a living hell. If you happen to neglect your diet, then things can get even worse.

Summer is the time for food that’s light on your system. Here are the types of food you should avoid during summer to ensure a healthy system.


Spicy food

When it’s hot and humid, you should have light food that’s easy to digest. Indian food is known to be spicy, and too much spice during summer can raise body temperature and lead to indigestion. Try to eat plain, simple food as much as possible, and cut down on oily and spicy food. When your body temperature remains normal, your digestive system remains happy.



Protein rich food

As necessary as protein is for our body, during summer you need to cut down on food rich in protein, to aid in digestion. This includes meat, fish, and eggs. Protein rich food takes a time to digest, causing you to feel stuffed and sluggish during summer. Include more leafy greens and fresh fruits in your diet and cut down on meat and fish as much as possible.




Both tea and coffee contain caffeine, which can cause dehydration and increase body temperature. Hot drinks should be avoided in summer as much as possible. Replace your hot beverages with iced tea and cold coffee. They still contain caffeine but you can minimise the effect if you have them cold.




In case you didn’t know, alcohol is more dehydrating than caffeine, and causes a significant rise in body temperature, making you feel hot and uncomfortable. Replace alcohol with cooling drinks in summer, like fresh fruit mocktails or cocktails with very little alcohol. If you must drink alcohol, go for a chilled beer since it cools you down.




Indians are known for their love for fries. From samosas to pakoras, patties to burgers, there is no end to fried stuff that we consume. In summer, eating fries adds oil and grease to the already humid heat, and results in acne, clogged pores, and oily skin. Fried food also takes a longer time to digest, making you feel uncomfortable and sluggish, and causing digestion problems. Reduce intake of fries during summer, and eat fresh, healthy food instead.



Creamy dressings and sauces

Dips, sauces, and creamy salad dressings like mayonnaise are generally heavy on the stomach and take a time to digest, resulting in digestive problems. If possible, avoid these creamy dressings and dips, and opt for fresh homemade dips with mint and coriander.




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