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Effective ways to fight hair loss

After a certain age, most men face the problem of hair loss. Other than the natural bald gene, there are various external factors that can lead to hair loss earlier than usual.

Hair loss can be natural or can be brought on by several other factors. These include stress, causing Telogen Effluvium, a condition in which there’s excessive hair fall; Alopecia Areata, in which there’s sudden loss of large clumps of hair around the scalp; Trichotillomania when a person pulls out his own hair without realising it.

If your hair loss is caused primarily by stress and lifestyle problems, then it can be managed with a few simple things. Remember that hair loss and balding have no magic cure and need a lot of care and patience.


Check your diet

More often than not, a poor diet can aggravate hair loss. While diet alone cannot stop hair fall, there’s sufficient proof that a bad diet can rob your hair of nutrients and make it weaker. In order to strengthen your hair, make sure your diet is rich in good fats and protein rich food. The B vitamin in them makes hair stronger and promotes hair growth.



Sleep well

Younger people can do with little sleep, but as you age, your body’s requirements change. The ideal amount of sleep every night should be 7-8 hours. Sleep helps the body regulate hormones, including those that repair and nourish hair. If you’ve been stressed for any reason, you may find it hard to get enough sleep, and this can affect the health of your hair.



Laser treatment

Here’s the thing: laser treatment does not help grow new hair. Rather, it strengthens the existing hair by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. Laser treatment is not just expensive but also needs to be repeated every few months until you see any result. It does not cause scarring, and so is a good option for men who want to retain their existing hair without scarring their scalp.




One of the few drugs used to fight hair loss, Minoxidil is a solution that slows down the process of hair loss. The solution is known to have a number of side effects and is not readily recommended to everybody. Although it does work, the biggest drawback is that you lose the hair you’ve grown once you stop using it. It also does not cure baldness.



Hair transplant

As a last resort, you could try hair transplant to re-grow hair on your scalp. Hair transplant uses hair already present to cover up area with thinning or no hair. The surgery is expensive, and comes with its own side effects, like the risk of infection, bleeding, and scarring. Due to various factors, the grafted hair may not survive forever, which means loss of money. Hair transplant has become a very popular way of making hair grow back, and can often give favourable results.


Loss of hair is a cause of embarrassment in most people, but there are many ways to control and reverse it. Make sure you consult a doctor before deciding your course of action.


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