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Date Night Grooming Tips for Men

Doesn’t everybody want to look good and impressive? We are sure you do too, particularly when Valentine’s Day is so close. Women are always better at turning up all groomed and dressed for any occasion, but even though men lag slightly behind in that department, a date night is the perfect way to impress your lady with your sense of style and grooming. No, you don’t need to head to a spa or spend an inordinate amount of money trying to look well groomed. Here are a few date night grooming tips for men that will make you fresh and radiant before the big night…




Make your facial skin glow with either a professional facial treatment or a home face pack. A lot of brands have face packs and scrubs specially formulated for men’s skin, and they can help you peel off dead skin, remove tanning and marks and spots in as less as two weeks. Establishing a good skincare regime a couple of weeks before the big night will not only make your face date ready but also keep it glowing and healthy in the long term.




Get a haircut at least two days before your date. Don’t try anything fancy or something you haven’t tried before. Keep your hairstyle simple and elegant, rather than choosing something elaborate or trendy. If you have a beard, moustache, or stubble, make sure you get it groomed before heading out for the date. Use a beard softener to keep your facial hair tamed, and make sure your stubble is properly trimmed and neck scruff dealt with. If you’re clean shaven, take care to avoid nicks and cuts on the day of the date.




Your hands play a very big part in your appearance, so keeping your nails clean and trimmed is essential. For best results, get a manicure done from a spa or parlour that specializes in manicure for men. These will soften your hands and make them glow naturally.




By taking care of your oral hygiene, you can show off a disarming smile. If you have yellow teeth or bad breath, make sure to fix them before the big day, or your date may run away midway!




Make sure you smell good, but don’t marinade in perfume. Use a fragrant soap or body wash, and then spray a gentle, musky perfume or cologne on your pulse points before you head out. Never spray perfume on your clothes.




Your clothes should be cleaned and pressed, and your shoes polished. Turning up in a shirt that’d been lying in a remote corner of your wardrobe gives out the wrong message to not just your date, but whoever sees you. Your shoes should be neat and shiny, not old, and worn, and dusty.


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